2017, Short Film, by Giulia Gandini for MET Film School

Countryside England, early 90s: a house stands isolated from all the others, surrounded by myths and legends. Ophelia, 11 years old, decides to enter: what awaits her on the other side of the door is nothing like she would have expected.

Producer: Ibrahim Kamel

Director: Giulia Gandini

Director of Photography: Nicólas Lejtreger

Production Design: Isabella Bruno

Hair & Make-Up: Angie White, Lilly Anderson

Costume Design: Anna Brown

© Rafael Starman

ELJA 376 A.D.

2016, historic Short Film, by Willi Kubica

The summer of 376 AD. The Gothic female warrior Elja is forced to give in to the marauding Huns and to seek shelter for herself and her clan in the Roman empire.

Producer: Julia Deumling, Theresa Bacza

Director: Willi Kubica

Director of Photography: Rafael Starman

Production Design: Susanne Gartner

Hair & Make-Up: Alexander

Costume Design: Anna Brown

© Michael Colella


2016, Sz.Film, 2:00min by Martin Lapp

Das Phänomen "hysterical strength" beschreibt die Fähigkeit von Menschen, in Extremsituationen eine fast schon übermenschliche Kraft zu entwickeln.

Dabei begleiten wir eine Mutter bei der Geburt ihres Kindes.

Producer: Anica Maruhn, Tobias Gerginov

Director: Martin Lapp, Dorian Lebherz, Daniel Titz

Director of Photography: Chris McKissick

Lead Technical Director: Johannes Fraina

Visual Effects Producer: Francesco Faranna

Production Design:

Hair & Make-Up:

Costume Design: Anna Brown


2015 Short film by Jonathan Behr

Director: Jonathan Behr

Cinematographer: Oliver Bartossek

Production Design: Tim Peter

Hair & Make-Up: Tanja Akbuga

Costume Design: Anna Brown


2014 Short film by Tatjana Moutchnik

Director: Tatjana Moutchnik

Cinematographer: Anne Bolick

Production Design: Nina Salamova

Hair & Make-Up: Clara Wieland & Ivonne Brauchle

Costume Design: Anna Brown


2014 Stop-Motion Animation by Eliott Deshusses

Director: Eliott Deshusses


Production Design: Simon Schabert

Hair & Make-Up: Claudia Schäfer

Costume Design: Anna Brown


2013-2014 Commercial (Spec, 3 Spots) by Pauline Branke

Director: Pauline Branke

Cinematographer: Evangelos Anthimos

Production Design: Denise Kalipciyan & Johanna Stenzel

Hair & Make-Up: Kerstin Philipp

Costume Design: Anna Brown